Sauna/ Steam Bath



Sauna/ Steam Bath:

Relax, Unwind and relieve stress with our sauna and steam bath sessions, renewing your energy to face the new week

Benefits of Sauna/ Steam Bath:

  • Sauna sessions relieve stress and improve blood circulations leaving your skin healthy and ready.
  • Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.
  • Regular sauna sessions can induce deeper sleep and allow proper body relaxation.
  • Saunas bring about recreational and social benefits.
  • Regular sauna sessions improve cardiovascular performance and reduce heart failure.
  • You can burn a considerable amount calorie with regular sauna sessions.
  • Regular sauna sessions enhance rapid production of white blood cells which in turn helps to fight illnesses.
  • Deep sweating from a sauna session cleanses the skin and removes dead skin, as such, body waste are flushed and skin tone is revitalized.